Application and Prospect of Fused Ceramic Sand

Fused Ceramic Sand is applicable to various casting methods


Ceramic sand is perfectly suitable for sand casting (clay sand, resin sand, water glass sand), V method, loss mold, investment mold precision casting, etc. It is applicable to the casting production of various adhesives and metal materials. It can not only greatly improve the casting quality, but also easy to clean the sand. The sand preparation process has no big difference from the original quartz sand used by the customer. For most castings, the coating process can be saved or the amount of resin/binder can be reduced, especially for the castings with high quality requirements.


HOW FOUNDRY SHOULD CHOOSE fused ceramic sand

a. Casting enterprises shall pay attention to the comprehensive strength of the supplier when selecting ceramic foundry sand enterprises, mainly including the quality assurance ability and production capacity, as well as other factors such as geographical location.


b. It shall be selected according to different casting materials.


The Al2O3 content of Fused Ceramic Sand shall be reasonably selected to meet the requirements of castings for fire resistance.


c. It shall be selected according to the casting quality.


Grain size composition and average fineness of Fused Ceramic Sand shall be selected. Coarse sand with small average fineness value shall be selected for castings with large quality or thick and large section; Fine sand with high average fineness value can be selected for castings with small quality or thin-wall castings.



What is the technological advantage of ceramic foundry sand?


a. Sub-spherical particles with smooth surface - small consumption of binder, less gas generation, good mobility, good filling property, and good collapsibility after pouring.


b. Low thermal expansion rate - the expansion rate of heated perlite sand is 1/5 of silicon sand and 1/2 of chromite sand. The produced casting has high dimensional accuracy, less ripple and crack defects and high finished product rate


c. Good crushing resistance - Fused Ceramic Sand material is dense, with high compressive strength, low crushing rate when reused, greatly improving the recycling rate of core sand, reducing the discharge of waste sand and beneficial to environmental protection.


d. High fire resistance - reduce sand adhesion.


e. Relatively small bulk density - the bulk density of Fused Ceramic Sand is about 2g/cm3, which is less than 2.5-2.9g/cm3 of chromite sand. The produced sand core is lighter and easy to handle, which can reduce the use of core sand.


f. Good applicability to binder - the main component of Fused Ceramic Sand is Al2O3, the pH is neutral, and acidic and basic material hardening binders can be used


g. The price of pearl sand is relatively cheap - the price of pearl sand is about 1/3 of that of zirconium sand. Although it is much higher than silica sand, if properly used, comprehensive accounting is still cheap.