Fused Resin-Coated Ceramic Sand

The Fused Resin-Coated Ceramic Sand manufactured by Qiangxin adopts fully automatic visual production technology, and the heating temperature, feeding time and sand mixing process are accurately controlled, which effectively ensures the reliability of the performance.

Grain shape:

Perfect round ball shape

Loose Bulk Density:

1.9 – 2.1 g/cm3





Angle index:

1 .1 max

Liner thermal expansion:

(200℃ - 1000℃) 5×10-6/℃

Size range:


Fused Resin-Coated Ceramic Sand has the characteristics of uniform coating, low resin addition, high strength, low gas evolution, high temperature resistance, nice demolding properties, high collapsibility, good filling performance and excellent storage and transportation performance. It is widely used in engine, diesel engines, cylinder head, bucket teeth, pumps, valve bodies, hydraulic parts, cast iron, cast steel and non-ferrous metals, especially in stainless steel and heat-resistant steel, and it has an excellent reputation in the industry.

Fused Resin-Coated Ceramic Sand Advantages:

1.  The amount of resin addition is small, while the strength is high, and the core sand fluidity is good, the gas evolution is low.

2.  Due to neutral PH value and high refractoriness, it is suitable for cast iron, cast steel (carbon steel, medium and low alloy steel, stainless steel, chromium steel, manganese steel) and non-ferrous alloys.

3.  With high hardness and strength, it can afford low crushing rate, and high used sand reclamation rate.

4.  The thermal expansion coefficient is small, which can significantly reduce the pulse tendency of castings and improve the dimensional accuracy of castings, reaching the CT8-9 level in the GB/T 6414 standard;

5.  It has a shape approximately to spherical, even when finer grain size is chosen, it can still guarantee high air permeability, which is conducive to improving the surface quality of the casting, and the surface roughness can reach Ra6.3-12.5.

Fused Resin-Coated Ceramic Sand recycling:

Fused Resin-Coated Ceramic Sand recycling is a green environmental protection project that our company focuses on promoting for high-end alloy steel casting production. With the increasingly prominent contradiction between China's economic and social development and resource and environmental constraints, the recycling of waste sand has become an important problem that must be solved by foundry enterprises. Our company has increased investment in scientific research and solved the problem of waste sand recycling, so that the reclamation rate of waste sand has surpassed 95%, and achieved social benefits and enterprise benefits jointly improved. At the same time,

Cleaner production and zero discharge of solid wastes would effectively protect the health of workers at the site.

Raw Material for Resin Coated Sand

Resin Coated Sand called ceramic foundry sand,ceramic sand, China Cerabeads,ceramsite and cerasand too, is made from high quality bauxite, by re-fused and blown to ball type. With advantage of fine surface smooth finish and air permeability, it is a new type casting material for precision casting, coated sand and self hardening sand etc.















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