Application of Fused Ceramic Sand in Automotive Industry

Fused Ceramic Sand Play an Important Role in Foundry Industry

As the basic industry of equipment manufacturing, fused ceramic sand plays an important role in the development and application of national economy. The total output and demand of castings are increasing year by year. The industry benchmark enterprises in the field of metal casting and surface treatment always pay attention to technology research and development, and constantly introduce new products and technologies to meet the requirements of customers, more and more foundries use fused ceramic sand as a new molding sand material.


Fused Ceramic Sand Applied in Automobiles

Fused ceramic sand is a new functional material with excellent adhesion, insulation and chemical stability, so it is widely used in the automotive field.


First of all, the application of fused ceramic sand in automotive paint has become an indispensable step. In the process of automobile manufacturing, paint coating is a very key link. The paint surface requires smooth, flat, durable, and can resist corrosion and oxidation in the environment. Therefore, the application of Fused ceramic sand in automotive paint can enhance the hardness of the paint, improve the gloss of the paint, and effectively protect the corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of the paint.


Secondly, fused ceramic sand can also be used for surface treatment of automobile wheels. Automobile hub requires high strength, high wear resistance, aesthetics and other characteristics. Traditional wheel hub surface treatment methods, such as chromium electroplating, have problems such as environmental pollution. As an environmental protection surface treatment method, fused ceramic sand can treat the wheel hub surface into a smooth and decorative effect, and improve the performance index of the wheel hub.


In addition, fused ceramic sand can also be applied to various automotive interior and exterior trim parts, door panels, door handles and other parts, making the interior and exterior of the vehicle have better visual effects and durability.


In general, as a new material, the application of Fused ceramic sand will promote the development direction of the automobile manufacturing industry, and also meet the demands of consumers for the appearance and interior of automobiles, which has a very broad market prospect.


Fused Ceramic Sand Factory

Sanmenxia Qiangxin Foundry Material Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of fused ceramic sand - a new type of casting sand. It is resistant to high temperature, easy to collapse, small thermal expansion, good regeneration performance, smooth surface, high casting precision, and non- sticking sand. It has good casting performance and is recognized by casting experts at home and abroad.