Application of Fused Ceramic Sand in Alkaline Phenolic Resin No-bake Sand Process

With the discovery, popularization and application of Fused Ceramic Sand and the improvement and maturity of sand recycling technology, Alkaline Phenolic Resin no-bake sand has gradually shown its advantages in mass production of high-quality steel castings, and has increasingly become the choice of molding process for new and rebuilt steel casting plants. 

Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of Alkaline Phenolic Resin No-bake Sand

Alkaline Phenolic Resin no-bake sand has the advantages of good collapsibility, fast hardening speed and adjustable service time in a large range, which are common resin self hardening sand. In addition, this process also has some problems, making this process less widely used in China than in the West. The main problems are: 

1. The strength of alkaline phenolic resin is relatively low, and the amount of resin added in molding sand is large, which leads to high production cost. 

2. The regeneration performance of used sand is poor. The regeneration rate of furan resin used sand can generally reach more than 90%, while the regeneration rate of alkaline phenolic resin used sand can only reach about 70 ~ 80%, which increases the amount of new sand, increases the discharge of old sand, increases the cost and pollutes the environment. 

3. The shelf life of alkaline phenolic resin is relatively short, generally within 6 months. In order to give full play to the advantages of alkaline phenolic resin self hardening sand process and overcome its shortcomings, foundry workers have made remarkable achievements in the modification of resin / curing agent system and the improvement of old sand recycling process and equipment by using Fused Ceramic Sand over the years, which makes this process able to produce high-quality steel castings efficiently and environmentally friendly while significantly reducing production costs. 

Characteristics and Application of Fused Ceramic Sand

The manufacturing method of Fused Ceramic Sand is to select high-quality raw materials and place them in an electric furnace. When the molten liquid flows out of the furnace, it is blown away with compressed air flow. After cooling, spherical or nearly spherical particles are obtained with smooth surface. 

Some performance indexes of Fused Ceramic Sand: 

1.Shape: Sphere

2.Angle Factor: ≤1.1, very spherical

3.Bulk Density: 1.95-2.05 (g/cm3)

4.Refractoriness: ≥1790℃

5.Thermal expansion: 0.13% (10 minutes at 1000℃)

6.Main Chemical composition (representative value):


















Casting Performance Advantages of Fused Ceramic Sand

1. The particle shape is spherical and the surface is smooth. Under the same strength requirements, the amount of resin can be reduced by 30-40% compared with the use of silica sand, and the air emission of mold / core sand can be greatly reduced; 

2. High refractoriness and neutral, suitable for all kinds of casting alloys

3. It has good fluidity and is easy to fill. It can make sand cores with complex shape and small local cross-sectional area; 

4. It has high strength, low crushing rate, high durability and high regeneration recovery rate, and the regeneration recovery rate is as high as 98%; 

5. Low expansion coefficient, reducing casting defects such as veins; 

6. Environmental protection advantages: less foundry waste (waste sand) and less waste gas

Reclamation of Fused Ceramic Sand in Alkaline Phenolic Resin No-bake Sand Process

After long-term production practice, mechanical regeneration has gradually become the mainstream process of alkali phenolic resin self hardening sand regeneration.. Especially, the effect of pressurized friction regeneration is obvious, which has been applied more and more. 

Summary of Fused Ceramic Sand Alkaline Phenolic Resin No-bake Sand

·Significantly reduce the amount of binder - 30-50%; 

·Improve core accuracy and material utilization; 

·Improve the surface quality and reduce the workload of sand falling and cleaning (up to 60%); 

·Improve the quality of castings and reduce the production and quality cost of castings; 

·Reduce the emission of waste gas and waste sand to achieve green production; 

·Improve the working environment, reduce dust and reduce the probability of silicosis. 

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