Important Application and Representative Castings of Fused Ceramic Sand

Fused ceramic sand is also known as electric melted ceramsite. High quality bauxite, the raw materials are added into the electric arc furnace, and the bauxite raw materials are melted into liquid by using the high temperature generated by electric arc discharge. When the liquid flows out of the furnace, 70 ~ 85m / s compressed air is applied to blow it, and the liquid raw materials are crushed and cooled to obtain spherical or nearly spherical sand particles with smooth surface.



Advantages of Fused Ceramic Sand Applied in Self Hardening Sand Process 

1. The amount of binder addition is reduced, the gas evolution is reduced, the cost is saved and the scrap rate is reduced.

2. The molding sand is not broken, the working environment is improved, and occupational diseases such as pneumoconiosis are eliminated

3. High fire resistance, reduce the tendency of sand sticking and improve the yield

4. Good liquidity, reduce the man hour of packing and cleaning


Applicable Casting Type

1. Medium and small carbon steel parts, low alloy, high alloy steel parts, stainless steel parts (alkaline phenolic resin)

2. Mud core of large steel castings, hot spot area (alkaline phenolic resin)

3. Whole line of small steel castings (furan resin)

4. Medium and small ductile iron parts (furan resin)

5. Mud core of large ductile iron parts (furan resin)

6. Special aluminum alloy parts (furan resin)


Advantages of Fused Ceramic Sand Applied in Resin Coated Sand Process 

1. The amount of binder added is reduced, the gas generation is reduced, the cost is saved and the scrap rate is reduced

2. High refractoriness, reduce the tendency of sand sticking and improve the yield

3. The sand mold has high strength, small holes, and the sand with anisotropic holes is not broken

4. High recycling rate to reduce the discharge of solid waste

5. The sand mold does not need to be painted to reduce the cost and improve the permeability of the sand mold

Applicable Casting Type

1. Stainless steel castings (valve body, pump body and other castings requiring precision casting in the past)

2. Carbon steel and low alloy steel parts (mining machinery accessories, bucket teeth and other wear-resistant parts)

3. Ductile iron castings (cylinder block, cylinder head and other automobile and engineering vehicle parts)


Application of Fused Ceramic Sand in Lost Foam Casting and V-process Casting

Advantages: good air permeability, good fluidity, environmental protection, low sand consumption per ton of castings.


Application of Fused Ceramic Sand in Foundry Coatings

1. Fused ceramic sand can be used with zircon sand aggregate to improve the fluidity of the coating and facilitate uniform painting

2. Used with talc powder aggregate to improve the fire resistance of the coating

3. Fused ceramic sand could be used with high aluminum powder aggregate to facilitate the coating layer falling off when the casting is boxed


At present, ceramic foundry sand is acknowledged in the world as the latest and the best ideal sand for the foundry and has a very wide feasibility of applications for the future development.