What is resin coated sand?

What is resin coated sand?

Resin coated sand is commonly used in cars, tractors and hydraulic parts. It provides high precise dimensions, smooth surface, and produce castings free of blow holes and devoid of casting defects. 

Fused ceramic sand has distinguished performance in foundry in compare with silica sand and other popularly used special sands. Therefore, the application of ceramic sand for resin coated sand is an innovative highlight and it will evoke the future casting trend.

Resin Coated Sand Using Fused Ceramic Sand Afford Excellent Advantages

1. Lower amount of resin addition - compared to silica sand of the same particle size, to gain the same strength, the amount of resin addion is reduced by about 40%

2. Higher refractoriness - to cast metals with high pouring temperature (cast steel, alloyed cast steel, stainless steel, etc.)

3. High strength - to produce more complicated cores with thin sections.

4. Lower thermal expansion - to avoid expansion defects.

5. Higher reclamation yields - to reduce waste sand disposal, costs declines at the same time.

6. Excellent flowability - to make complicated cores. 

7. Neutral property -  applied in almost every kind of popular alloys,includes Manganese steel.

Fused Resin-coated Ceramic Sand Shell Molding Process

Shell method is one of the most popularly used core making processes of resin coated sand. It has developed rapidly in recent years, from the bucket teeth of construction machinery to the general parts such as valves and plumbing, auto parts to tool hardware parts nowadays, from cast iron, cast carbon steel, to stainless steel, heat-resistant steel and non-ferrous alloys, extend to various fields of sand casting, lost foam castings, and investment casting.  Shell molding process

has achieved good economic and social benefits.

From the perspective of casting process, shell molding casting process has been widely used in the following three fields:

1. Partially replace some lost wax investment casting process. Especially for some castings with relatively simple shapes and some castings need many cores.

2. Where silica sand shell casting was originally used, fused resin-coated ceramic sand shell molding process can be used to improve process adaptability.

3. In order to improve the quality of castings, reduce the consumption of molding sand, and improve the production efficiency of castings, the small steel castings originally produced by ordinary sand mold technology will use fused resin-coated ceramic sand shell molding process.

Fused Resin-coated Ceramic Sand Manufacturer

The Fused Resin-Coated Ceramic Sand manufactured by Sanmenxia Qiangxin Foundry Material Co., Ltd. adopts fully automatic visual production technology, and the heating temperature, feeding time and sand mixing process are accurately controlled, which effectively ensures the reliability of the performance.

It has the characteristics of uniform coating, low resin addition, high strength, low gas evolution, high temperature resistance, nice demoulding properties, high collapsibility, good filling performance and excellent storage and

transportation performance.