What are the applications of fused ceramic sand in casting?

What is fused ceramic sand?

Fused ceramic sand is made of high alumina bauxite ore (bauxite) as raw material, smelted at high temperature by an electric arc, and then obtained by a high-pressure air spray cooling process with Al2O3-SiO2 as the main mineral component. The diameter is 270~6 mesh (diameter 0.053~3.35mm spherical refractory particles. The particle shape is round, the iron content is less than 3%, the refractoriness is high, the scattering rate is more than 80%, the casting is not sticky sand, and the impurity content is low.

Features of fused ceramic sand:

1. The thermal expansion rate is small, only 0.13%, only 1/3 of that of silica sand, and the casting is not prone to expansion defects;

2. The sand is spherical, with good fluidity, easy to pound, and good air permeability;

3. The surface is smooth and the structure is dense, which reduces the amount of binder added;

4. Compared with zircon sand and chromite sand, the price is low and cost-effective;

5. Good recycling performance;

6. High refractoriness, easy to collapse, etc.

Fused ceramic sand has the advantages of high-temperature resistance, no crushing, no dust, spherical shape, high air permeability, good filling, and no harm of silica dust. It is environmentally friendly sand for green casting. 

fused ceramic sand

So what are the applications of fused ceramic sand in casting?

1. Application of molten ceramic sand in the production of complex valve body castings

When the valve body casting using molten ceramic sand as the core sand material, the core sand has good collapsibility. It is easy to clean, and the surface of the inner cavity is smooth and free of sticky sand. Veining; the pearl sand has good compactness and high strength, even if repeated Recycling is also rarely broken, reducing the pollution of dust in the casting process to the environment.

2. Application of molten ceramic sand in the production of cylinder block castings

The thin-walled and lightweight engine block is the core idea of engine design; a compact and complex structure is the normal characteristic of future cylinder block castings. The application of fused ceramic sand-coated sand in the casting of automobile engine cylinder blocks effectively eliminates and reduces casting defects such as oil channel core deformation, cylinder gap, sand sticking, and excessive wall thickness, reducing the pore defect rate of the cylinder block from 30 % is reduced to 3%, which improves the casting quality.

3. Application of molten ceramic sand in the production of large steel castings

In the production of large-scale steel castings, the resin no-bake sand with molten ceramic sand as the original sand has high strength at room temperature, reduces the amount of resin added, reduces the amount of gas, and has good collapsing performance, reducing cleaning work.

4. Application of fused ceramic sand in the production of aluminum alloy castings

The pouring temperature of aluminum-magnesium alloys is low, and the resin in the sand mold (core) is often not sufficiently burned, resulting in a high residual strength of the sand mold (core) after pouring, which makes it very difficult to clean the casting sand core. The use of molten ceramic sand instead of ordinary silica sand can reduce the amount of resin added, and the sand core has good collapse performance after pouring, which greatly reduces the cleaning work of low-melting-point alloys such as aluminum-magnesium alloys.

5. Application of molten ceramic sand in investment casting

In investment casting, the performance of the mold shell directly affects the performance of the casting, especially the performance of the surface sand material of the mold shell will directly have a greater impact on the surface quality of the investment casting. Defects such as pores, sticky sand, and slag inclusions appear. On the premise of ensuring the quality of castings, fused ceramic sand is used.

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