What are the Characteristics of Fused Ceramic Sand?

Overview of Fused Ceramic sand --- what is Fused Ceramic sand?


Fused ceramic sand, commonly known as ceramic foundry sand, is a kind of Calcined Bauxite with Al2O3 as the main component, which is melted, blown and screened to produce sand with different particle sizes for casting. Fused Ceramic sand has the advantages of high temperature resistance, easy collapsing, small thermal expansion, no breaking, good regeneration performance and good casting performance.


Main technical indexes and properties of Fused Ceramic sand


The Al2O3 content of Fused Ceramic sand is generally more than 70%, and its pH value is about 7.6. It is a neutral material, with a fire resistance of 1800 , a bulk density of 1.95 ~ 2.05g/cm3, which is only 0.73 ~ 0.74 times that of chromite sand. It is spherical or nearly spherical in shape, with a small specific surface area, an angle coefficient of 1.1, a normal temperature compressive strength of 46MPA, a thermal conductivity of 0.5 ~ 0.6w/ (m·k), and a specific heat capacity of 2210j/ (kg·k), The thermal expansion rate is 0.03% ~ 0.13%.


Fused Ceramic sand has the following characteristics:


Dense spherical particle shape. Fused Ceramic sand is spherical or nearly spherical in shape, black brown in color, and the particle size is 0.053 ~ 3.35mm. The surface is smooth with small surface area and no concave convex veins. It has good fluidity and filling property. It is easy to fill the internal included angle, deep recess, flat hole and other parts of the casting with complex shape that are difficult to fill, which can reduce the sand inclusion defects.


Low thermal expansion rate. The expansion rate of Fused Ceramic sand after heating is 1/5 of that of silica sand and 1/2 of that of chromite sand, so the castings produced have high dimensional accuracy, fewer cracks and defects, and high yield of castings.


Good crushing resistance. Fused Ceramic sand has high density, high strength, and is rarely broken in repeated recycling. It can significantly improve the recycling rate of molding sand, reduce the discharge of waste sand, and is conducive to environmental protection.


High fire resistance. Fused Ceramic sand can reduce sand sticking and scrap rate in production. The fire resistance of Fused Ceramic sand is above 1800 , and its high temperature chemical stability is much better than that of silica sand.


Low bulk density. The bulk density of Fused Ceramic sand is 1.95 ~ 2.05g/cm3, which is less than 2.5 ~ 2.9g/cm3 of chromite sand. The sand core made of Fused Ceramic sand is lighter, easy to handle, and can reduce the use of sand core.


Good reusability. Fused Ceramic sand has low requirements for sand treatment equipment, low energy consumption and low cost. The recycling rate of molding sand can reach 98%. Less casting waste is generated.


The amount of binder added is low. Fused Ceramic sand has the advantages of small gas evolution, less porosity defects and low resin consumption, which can reduce the production cost.


Good adaptability to adhesive. The main component of Fused Ceramic sand is Al2O3, and its pH value is neutral. It is a neutral material with good adaptability to binder. Acid and alkali binders can be used.


Good collapsibility. Fused Ceramic sand has good collapsibility, fluidity and filling property, which can reduce the workload of sand cleaning.


The price of Fused Ceramic sand is about 1/3 of zirconium sand and 1/2 of chromite sand, but it is much higher than silica sand. If used properly, the overall accounting is cheaper. Fused Ceramic sand can not only significantly improve the quality of castings, but also reduce production costs, reduce environmental pollution, and avoid occupational silicosis caused by traditional molding materials.


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