Summary of Cleaner Production Analysis of Fused Ceramic Sand

The environmental impact assessment of fused ceramic sand construction project includes two stages: environmental impact assessment during construction and operation. Due to the lease of existing plants, the project has little impact during the construction period. The evaluation focuses on the analysis of atmospheric environmental impact during the operation period, the analysis of environmental impact of solid waste, the analysis of water environmental impact, the analysis of cleaner production, prevention and control measures and suggestions.


Analysis on cleaner production index of fused ceramic sand

(1) Raw and auxiliary materials and energy consumption. The raw and auxiliary materials used in fused ceramic sand project are mainly bauxite clinker, without the use of toxic and harmful materials in the production process. The energy used is mainly electric energy, which belongs to clean energy. By selecting energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, the project reduces the consumption of electric energy and has low energy consumption.

(2) Technical process and equipment. Fused ceramic sand project adopts environmental protection technology, with small waste generation. The production technology and equipment used are not restricted or eliminated.

(3) Pollutant generation index. According to the accounting, under the condition of implementing environmental protection measures, the waste gas, waste water and noise of the project can be discharged up to the standard, with little impact on the surrounding environment, and the solid waste can be comprehensively utilized.

(4) Fused ceramic sand product index. The products and by-products of the project are widely used in precision casting and refractory industry, non-toxic and harmless, and have little impact on the environment during and after use, meeting the requirements of cleaner production.

(5) Waste recycling. The recycling and comprehensive utilization of waste are fully considered in the project design. The main solid waste is sold as a by-product, and the bag filter dust collection can be reused to reduce pollution, protect the environment and reduce production costs.

(6) Environmental management requirements. Environmental management is an important professional management in enterprise management. It is an important measure to strengthen environmental management, realize the coordinated development of environmental benefits and economic benefits, and take the road of sustainable development. In order to ensure the effective operation of the environmental management system, the environmental management plan shall be formulated during the production process of the construction project.


Suggestions on cleaner production of fused ceramic sand

Cleaner production is a new idea of pollution control. Its essence is to change from the simple end treatment in the past to the whole process pollutant emission control based on "prevention", so as to achieve the purpose of "energy saving, consumption reduction, pollution reduction and efficiency increase". Therefore, the guiding ideology of cleaner production design should always be implemented in the engineering design, and the process technology and equipment of "no waste" and "less waste" should be selected to strengthen the comprehensive utilization of energy and resources.

(1) Production equipment and feeding equipment shall be automated and sealed. Strengthen the inspection and maintenance of equipment to prevent environmental pollution caused by material leakage.

(2) Strengthen the automation technology of equipment and process, so as to reduce the loss of raw materials and protect the physical and mental health of workers.

(3) Strengthen enterprise management, improve the quality of employees, and put an end to man-made accidents.

(4) Strengthen the supervision of waste gas and prohibit excessive emission. Raw and auxiliary materials and products shall be stored according to regulations. It is forbidden to store them at will or stack them in the open air to avoid environmental pollution.

(5) Carry out cleaner production audit for fused ceramic sand project, find out the specific location, causes and amount of pollutants, and formulate a scheme to eliminate pollutants. After the above measures are taken, all solid wastes generated during the operation period of the project can be safely disposed, with little impact on the surrounding environment.