Size Testing Operation Procedures for Fused Ceramic Sand

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For thousands of years, Chinese people have always had special feelings for the Mid-Autumn Festival.


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In addition, in terms of fused ceramic sand, we will give a brief overview of its testing standards and steps, hoping to help customers and people who want to know about the testing. Qiangxin has a complete set of procedures of quality assurance and quality control, which mainly includes three steps: the inspection of Raw Materials into the factory, the chemical composition inspection of fused ceramic sand, and the particle size distribution inspection which we will introduce in detail.


I. Fused Ceramic Sand Sampling Equipment and Tools:

1.Sampler: stainless steel tube with internal diameter of 18mmlength greater than 800mm, one end closed; in one side of the tubemake opening an injection hole with a diameter of about 6mm from the closed end at each space of 50mm , there is a total of 12 injection holes.


2. Sample containers: the spherical bottomed stainless steel bowl with the diameter of about 120-150mm, the depth no less than 55mm.

3. Electronic scale: 2000 grams with the accuracy of 1/10.

4. Vibrating Screening Machine: The standard vibrating screening machine for casting.  

5. Analysis sieve: standard analytical sieve for casting, a soft brush.


II. Fused Ceramic Sand Sampling:

1. Each t-bag is treated as a single test object. The sampling points are shown in Fig.1.

There should be no less than 4 samples at sampling point 1

There should be no less than 3 samples at sampling point 2

There should be no less than 2 samples at sampling point 3



III. To Weigh the Representative Fused Ceramic Sand Samples for Analysis:

By using a spoon, 200g of sample should be uniformly taken from the container

as the representative sample for the ton-bag product's analysis.


IV. Fused Ceramic Sand Screening and Recording:

The screening process is carried out in accordance with the casting sand analysis process. Work time for the Vibrating Screening Machine is three minutes. Then record the screening result data of the representative samples in detail, according to the AFS standard to calculate the AFS value of the representative samples, complete the sampling sizes report and submit to the quality inspection department.


All the above information introduces the size testing operation procedures for fused ceramic sand.


In the end, we wish everyone who sees this article a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!