Production Methods of Other Common Artificial Special Sand

Today we briefly introduce the production modes of several common special sands besides fused ceramic sand.


What's the manufacturing process of ceraheads (CB sand)?


In the 1980s, American carbo ceramics company developed a kind of artificially fired ceramic spherical particles with the trade name of "cerama core", which was initially used as a proppant in the oil and gas industry. In the early 1990s, the United States and Japan successively used it in the foundry industry as a substitute for zirconium sand. The Japanese manufacturer is Itochu Ceramics Co., Ltd., and the name of the product is "ceraheads", or CB sand for short.

According to the data of Itochu Corporation in Japan, the production process of CB sand is as follows:

Raw materials (bauxite + kaolin) grinding and milling mixing, pulping spray granulation sintering, cooling crushing polishing screening and preparation CB sand finished product.


What's the manufacturing process of Sphere-sand sand (lunar sand)?

In 2006, Tianjin China Minerals Co., Ltd. cooperated with Japan Kao company to produce spherical artificial sand of "moon sand" series for casting with imported technology.


"Moon sand" has three series: (1) sphere-sand CL mullite spherical casting sand; (2) sphere-sand BL bauxite spherical casting sand; (3) sphere-sand al white corundum spherical casting sand.

Tianjin China Minerals Co., Ltd. has two mineral bases, Xiuwen in Guizhou and Jiexiu in Shanxi, which can mass produce the raw material of CL mullite spherical casting sand, i.e. high temperature synthetic mullite. Taking sphere-sand CL sand as an example, the production process is:

High temperature synthesis mullite crushing flame melting cooling screening and preparation finished product.


What's the manufacturing process of ceramsite sand

Jingang New Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. In recent years, the company uses the rich local resources of pyrogem to produce a kind of spherical artificial sand (ceramsite) through the processes of milling granulation sintering screening grading.

Jiaobaoshi is a kind of high-quality refractory clay in Zibo and its surrounding areas in Shandong Province. The Al2O3 content of its raw ore is about 38%, and it reaches about 44% after calcination.


Fused Ceramic Sand Manufacturer 

SANMENXIA QIANGXIN FOUNDRY MATERIAL CO., LTD. is specialized in the production and sales of high-end casting new material - fused ceramic sand for foundry (commonly known as 'Ceramic Sand'). Qiangxin passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification as early as 2007, and the design capacity of the factory has reached 100,000 tons per year.