Introduction of Fused Ceramic Sand for Sand Blasting

Noun definition

1. Name: sandblasting fused ceramic sand

2 Definition: shot peening fused ceramic sand is a unique abrasive widely used in cleaning or metal surface strengthening treatment and other processes. 

It is mainly used in sand blasting equipment.

Production technology of fused ceramic sand

Select high-quality bauxite raw material and melt it in the electric arc furnace. When the molten liquid flows out of the furnace, blow it away with compressed air flow. After cooling, spherical or nearly spherical particles are obtained with smooth surface.


Physical properties of fused ceramic sand

1. angle coefficient: 1.1, very spherical

2. balling rate: 90%

3. specific gravity: 1.95-2.05 (g/cm3)

4. hardness: 8~9 (Mohs)

Particle size

The particle size is between 0.053 mm (270 mesh) and 1.7mm (10 mesh). Customers can choose the appropriate particle size according to the product material and process requirements.


Performance characteristics of fused ceramic sand

1. Moderate hardness:

The excellent performance of shot peened fused ceramic sand makes it not damage the surface of the workpiece when cleaning or deburring the workpiece with strict deviation requirements, so it is very suitable for selection. Moreover, the inherent strength of shot peened pearl sand makes it suitable for equipment that can recycle abrasive. Therefore, shot peening fused ceramic sand is widely used to treat the surface of workpieces with residual tension or under periodic pressure to produce a compressive stress layer and achieve the purpose of surface strengthening.

2. Good damage resistance

Fused ceramic sand has compact volume, high strength and low crushing rate during use, so it has long service life, which not only reduces the cost, but also reduces the discharge of waste sand and protects the environment.

3. Stable chemical composition

The chemical property of shot peened fused ceramic sand is inert and non-toxic. During the use process, there will be no residual ferrous substances or other harmful substances on the surface of the workpiece, nor will it bring adverse effects on the surrounding environment.

Use guide

1. The cleaning speed of shot peened fused ceramic sand with large particle size is slow, resulting in strong strengthening, removing large pollutants, and producing high surface finish.

2. The small particle size of shot peened ceramic sand has faster cleaning speed, stronger strengthening force, smaller pollutants removed, and relatively poor surface finish.