History and Development of Fused Ceramic Sand 3

Application History of Fused Ceramic Sand

In the United States, ceramacore (later named fused ceramic sand) was mainly used in lost foam casting process. For example, citation lost foam casting company used ceramacore as lost foam filling sand with good effect. According to reports, the factory believes that after the use of ceramacore, the energy consumption for molding is greatly reduced, and the dimensional accuracy of castings is significantly improved. In particular, they believe that the durability of ceramacore is excellent.


Ashland attaches great importance to the advantages of fused ceramic sand and signed an exclusive sales agreement with carb ceramics in 1997. In recent years, Japan has begun to use fused ceramic sand to prepare bentonite bonded green sand to manufacture nodular graphite castings, and satisfactory results have been achieved.



Although Fused Ceramic Sand Started Late in China, It Developed Rapidly.

Fused ceramic sand has good applicability. At present, all kinds of binders used in the foundry industry can be used for molding sand and core sand prepared with fused ceramic sand, which is suitable for any molding process and core making process. Fused ceramic sand can be used to manufacture iron castings and various non-ferrous alloy castings. Steel castings can be manufactured without painting.


Fused Ceramic Sand Can Be Mixed with Silica Sand

Because the price of fused ceramic sand is more expensive than silica sand, some manufacturers use it with silica sand under the same shooting conditions, the compactness of the core is improved, so that the dimensional accuracy of the core is improved. Moreover, the core can also be coated without coating.

When making nodular iron castings with mixed sand, shrinkage defects can be reduced or even eliminated due to the high thermal conductivity of fused ceramic sand and the high compactness of the mold.


Application Examples of Fused Ceramic Sand

An American foundry once tested the durability of fused ceramic sand under production conditions. Use carbon particles to prepare clay green molding sand, and use vibrating molding machine for double-sided formwork molding. The molding sand is recycled 2-3 times a day, and only bentonite and water are added each time when mixing sand, without sand. After 8 months of verification, the sand volume has not decreased, and the particle size composition of fused ceramic sand in the system sand has basically not changed.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the surface of fused ceramic sand is very smooth. When the old sand is regenerated, the sand can be removed by slight friction. The adhesive film on the particle surface is removed. For molding sand and core sand used as various organic binders, the energy consumption of the regeneration process is less, and the sand can be recycled will bring many benefits.