Fused Ceramic Sand-Ideal Sand for the Foundries

What is Fused Ceramic Sand?

The calcined bauxite is used as raw material to be fused and blown into solid ball shape by spraying. It is in high smooth surface, good air permeability and excellent collapsibility. It can significantly reduce the binder addition for resin coated sand (RCS) and self-hardening sand. It can greatly save the sand consumption because it can be reclaimed for many times and always in low breakage rate. The mature application proves it is an ideal foundry sand for the casting of carbon steel and alloy steel (heat resistant steel, abrasion resistant steel, atmospheric corrosion steel, and other acid and basic steel category). Fused ceramic sand is widely used as core sand and facing sand.

Ceramic Sand Advantages

Fused ceramic sand is a high-quality and high-performance casting auxiliary material, which is widely used in modern foundry industry. It is composed of a variety of natural minerals and has certain physical and chemical properties. In the casting production process, Fused ceramic sand can not only help foundries improve the quality of castings, but also save costs and reduce resource waste for enterprises.

First of all, Fused ceramic sand has good fire resistance. In the high temperature environment, Fused ceramic sand will not melt or deform, which can ensure the shape of the casting model unchanged.

Secondly, the particle size of Fused ceramic sand is uniform and appropriate. This feature can ensure that the surface of the product after casting is smooth without defects such as pores or inclusions.

In addition, the molding performance of Fused ceramic sand is stable and can meet the needs of different casting processes. It has high strength, good processability, and is not easy to wear in the process of use, which can ensure that the finished products made by the mold have high accuracy.

Fused ceramic sand has good water retention performance and will not cause mold cracking due to excessive water absorption. It also has strong corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance, which can ensure a long service life of the mold.

In short, Fused ceramic sand is widely used in the casting field, and is recognized and favored by more and more enterprises. Its stable physical and chemical properties and the advantages of sustainability provide a solid guarantee for the development and application of modern casting technology, and make an important contribution to the prosperity and progress of the casting industry.

Fused ceramic sand factory

SANMENXIA QIANGXIN FOUNDRY MATERIAL CO., LTD. is specialized in the production and sales of high-end casting new materials - fused ceramic sand for foundry (commonly known as "Ceramic Sand). In 2014, 2017, and 2020, Qiangxin was awarded by China Foundry Association with the title of "Ceramic Sand Production Base of China" for three consecutive terms, which is the only organization winning this award throughout the country. In 2018, Qiangxin led the preparation of the group norm "Fused Ceramic Sand for Foundry" (T/CFA 020204.1-2018) which was issued by China Foundry Association and implemented on May 31 of the same year.