Do You Know the Difference between Fused Ceramic Sand and Ceramsite Sand?

1. Comparison of Fused Ceramic Sand and Ceramsite Sand in Shape and Technology


What is fused ceramic sand?

Fused Ceramic Sand is made from high-quality bauxite through calcination, electrofusion, granulation, screening and other processes. Fused Ceramic Sand, also known as electro-fusion sand, is a substitute for silica sand. It is spherical particles with a particle size of 6-320 mesh(φ0.053-3.36mm) in color brown and black.


What is ceramsite sand?

Ceramsite sand is made from a variety of raw materials such as bauxite and coal through multiple processes such as crushing, fine crushing, grinding, granulation and high-temperature sintering. Ceramsite sand is generally used to replace gravel and pebbles in concrete. Most of its appearance features are round or oval spheres, but some imitation gravel ceramsites are irregular gravel. The particle size of ceramsite is generally 5-20 mm. The appearance color of ceramsite varies according to the original and process used. The color of calcined ceramsite is mostly dark red and ochre red, and some special varieties are grayish yellow, grayish black, grayish white, cyan gray, etc.


2. Different properties of Fused Ceramic Sand and ceramsite sand


The thermal expansion coefficient of Fused Ceramic Sand is small, and its performance is comparable to that of zircon sand. When it is used to prepare molding sand, the casting will not produce expansion defects. The sand particles are spherical, with good fluidity, easy compaction and good air permeability. The surface is smooth and the structure is compact, so that the binder can be evenly covered; Fused Ceramic Sand is a neutral material. Both acid and alkali binders can be used. Fused Ceramic Sand can be recycled and has high cost performance; High fire resistance, fire resistance temperature 1790 , easy to collapse. High thermal conductivity, good stability and no cracking.


Ceramsite has good thermal insulation because of its porous interior. The thermal conductivity of concrete prepared with ceramsite is generally 0.3 0.8W / (Mok). Fly ash ceramsite can also be used to prepare fire-resistant concrete with fire resistance below 1200 . Low water absorption, good frost resistance and durability. Excellent impermeability. Ceramsite concrete not only has better corrosion resistance (acid and alkali) than ordinary concrete.


3. Fused Ceramic Sand has different application fields from ceramsite sand


Application of Fused Ceramic Sand in sodium silicate sand, resin sand, precision casting and polishing and cleaning of copper and aluminum parts. The new self-hardening sodium silicate sand made of Fused Ceramic Sand has good effect in the core making and molding process. The amount of sodium silicate added is 1.8-3.0%, and the use time can be adjusted to realize mechanized molding and core making. The old sand is renewable, and 80-90% can be reused. It has been widely used in dozens of enterprises in railway machinery, metallurgical machinery, heavy machinery, mining machinery and general machinery plants, the successful pouring of heavy castings from several kilograms to hundreds of tons has brought remarkable economic and social benefits. Fused Ceramic Sand, sodium silicate sand, resin sand, precision casting and polishing and cleaning of copper and aluminum parts.


Ceramsite sand can be applied to petroleum fracturing proppant, building materials, fire resistance, thermal insulation materials, water purification, horticulture, food and beverage, chemical industry and other departments by using its excellent performance. It affords a wider range of application fields. At the beginning of the production of ceramsite, it was mainly used in the field of building materials. Due to the continuous development of technology and people's deeper understanding of the properties of ceramsite, the application of ceramsite has already exceeded the traditional scope of building materials and continued to expand its new application fields. The application of ceramsite in building materials has decreased, and the application in other aspects has accounted for 20%. With the continuous development of new uses of ceramsite, its proportion in other aspects will gradually increase.


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