Application and Price of Fused Ceramic Sand


What is fused ceramic sand?

Fused ceramic sand is a new type of foundry material, which is mainly used for mold making and surface treatment in the process of industrial production. According to its use, fused ceramic sand can be divided into fused ceramic sand for lost foam molding, fused ceramic sand for film coating, fused ceramic sand for drainage, fused ceramic sand powder for coating, etc. Among them, 10-30 mesh Fused ceramic sand, also known as coarse sand, is selected for EPC, and the price is about CNY 2,000.

The best 70-140 mesh of Fused ceramic sand for film coating is selected, and the price is also the most expensive among all meshes, with a price of about 3,500 yuan.


Advantages of Fused ceramic sand

Fused ceramic sand is non-toxic, tasteless, non-volatile, insoluble in water, non deformation, non discoloration, non ferromagnetic, high hardness, good compressive strength, etc. At the same time, fused ceramic sand has good adhesion and wear resistance, and can meet various industrial production needs. Therefore, fused ceramic sand has been widely used in the manufacture of automobiles, aircraft and other large machinery, as well as in the manufacture of parts and molds.

Of course, with the continuous expansion of the application scope of Fused ceramic sand, its price is becoming more and more expensive. Although there are some cheaper substitutes of Fused ceramic sand in the market, as its quality cannot be compared with the real Fused ceramic sand, it is still necessary to use Fused ceramic sand in some industries with high demand.

To sum up, fused ceramic sand is a very good industrial material with a wide range of applications, but the price is also relatively expensive. For enterprises, selecting appropriate Fused ceramic sand manufacturers and specifications and considering the use of alternatives can effectively reduce costs and improve production efficiency.


Fused resin-coated ceramic sand

The core making process of coated sand has the advantages of high core strength, good toughness, low gas generation, smooth surface, easy collapse and high production efficiency. It is suitable for making sand cores with complex shape and small cross-sectional area. When the casting cores are made of coated sand, the so-called "shell method" is adopted.


Why use fused ceramic sand?

Due to the low refractoriness, high impurity content and large thermal expansion of silica sand, coated silica sand will cause some castings with insufficient dimensional accuracy, poor surface quality and many internal and external defects. Such problems can be avoided to some extent by using Fused ceramic sand shell mold process.


Fused ceramic sand shell mold casting process is mainly used in the following occasions:

1. It partly replaces the traditional wax loss precision casting process. Especially for some castings with relatively simple shape, or castings with larger precision casting process;


2. For the original castings with silica sand shell mold process, fused ceramic sand is used to improve the process adaptability, improve the casting quality, improve the utilization rate of coated sand, and improve the environment;


3. In order to improve production efficiency, improve casting quality and reduce casting defects, the original castings produced by other casting processes are replaced by Fused ceramic sand shell mold.


Fused ceramic sand and resin-coated ceramic sand manufacturer


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